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This Program exists entirely to support single professionals who are fed up with a faulty paradigm of relationship and career. Throughout this experience together, you will reMember a reNewed way of Being - one which easily and effortlessly prepares you to call in your highest and best conscious—life—partner, while getting you excited about fulfilling life purpose together! We use Nature as Medicine - Breath, Meditation, Nutrition and Movement as well as Plant journey preparation, rejuvenation and integration. When you reConnect with the identity of your True Nature, you create the reality that allows you to be ready and fully-willing to create a true life-partnership. I look forward to meeting the new you and your half-side in a couple of months.


During the next 90-days you will prepare yourself and call in everything you desire, including a perfect union in life-partnership. 

Sleeping with Strangers 90 Day Journey

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