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recipe: homemade treat for peanut butter cup cravings


Chocolate layer ingredients: - 1/2 c. cacao powder* (I round up for more dark-chocolate flavor) - 1/4c. coconut oil melted* - Some drops of local vanilla*+ - Some pinches of salt of choice - Some honey to sweetness of choice (probably 2 T. for me)*

In a double boiler melt coconut oil and add cacao powder and stir until blended. Let cool and then add vanilla, honey, and salt. Do not boil honey as it will become toxic.

Peanut Butter layer: - 3 heaping T. peanut butter* OR sub any nut butter - 1 T. coconut flour* (or extra shredded coco, in vitamix) - 1 T. shredded coco* - 1/2 T. coconut oil melted* - 1 T. honey* (or maple syrup) - Pinch of cinnamon* * = organic Mix layers in separate bowls. Pour chocolate layer, about 2/3, to make a base (I used glass Pyrex snapware... one could also use mini muffin tins). Freeze until mostly solid. Spread peanut butter layer evenly across chocolate layer, and then cover peanut butter with the remaining chocolate layer for the crust.

I like to dust the top to make it look cool with more shredded coconut, almond flakes, sea salt, etc. Place in fridge for about 1 hour. Then cut into squares and enjoy!

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