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Earthing and The benefits of being in Nature

Hiking Pololū Valley with Aaron

Nowhere else in the vast universe does a sanctuary like planet Earth exist. Everything we need is right here on Earth, our home.

During times of despair or frustration or stress, we can turn to nature to see that everything we are made of is beautiful. In nature there exists an intelligence that has immense healing potential.

Have you heard about the benefits of earthing or grounding?

Grounding is the act of removing excess electrical charge form an object.

The earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. This subtle energetic field is comprised of mostly continuous direct currents (DC). A DC current flows in one direction, similar to a river. We should be concerned that technology and urban design has greatly disconnected man from this vital source of energy by disrupting our direct connection to the earth.

In our homes we are surrounded by technology that produces primarily alternating current or AC fields which are extremely foreign to our body. An AC current can flow in both directions, similar to a wave. Being over-exposed to AC waves can elicit feelings of agitation in the body. Notice how your mind feels after too much time on the computer, watching television or being inside under artificial light for too long. These conditions create stress on the body and simultaneously limit our body’s natural functions for healing.

By wearing clothing and shoes made of synthetic materials, we block our bodies from connecting to the energetic field of the earth.

Emotions are energy and the act of grounding can help to release the buildup of thought and emotion that a person may be harboring. Direct contact with the earth allows the earth’s electrons to be conducted to your body. This brings your body’s electrical potential to the same frequency as the earth itself.

The earth’s energy transfers to any conductive object that it comes in contact with.

This is why we instantly feel at peace when we walk barefoot on the beach, lay down under a tree, or after camping and sleeping on the ground.

You do not need any fancy equipment to experience earthing. To access the grounding potential of nature, walk barefoot, sit or lay down directly on the earth.

Where are your favorite places to walk barefoot?

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