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..Seems like the only way for people to notice the mess is for the forces to lovingly return our trash to those places we call "paradise". As if the beach is somehow a different part of earth. Though I see it is an extension of the same land where the plastic is bought and then dumped. It's all connected. Sometimes I wonder if I'm walking passed my own trash, being shown to me so I can adjust my behaviors. So I do. And I have to ask others, are You doing enough ? Are we doing enough? I hear people say, "someday it's going to get really bad and then..." and My response to that kind of thinking is It should never have gotten to be this way. I never see someone's healthy habits washed up on the beach. It's the throw away lifestyle, the junk food, the bottled water, the convenience. Love the Earth and slow down and really do something about it.

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