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Freed Seeds

What to do for Freed Food?

  • Save your seeds so you can share and participate in creating a global seed bank network.

  • Get your seeds from trusted groups like Siskiyou Seeds, Native Seeds, Seeds Trust & Epic Seeds in western USA.

  • Sign up to be involved with a local seed saving initiative.

  • Search for seed lending libraries, usually connected to your public library.

  • Look for Seed Swaps, especially in the spring.

  • Choose local, heirloom varieties whenever you see them in store.

  • Invest in your local farmers' markets and privately owned Co-Operatives.

Gardens Edge teaches about the power of seed sharing :

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance sends me lovely seed saving updates and educational information.

On their website is this information on what to do about seed patenting:

"1. Avoid purchasing or planting utility patented seed varieties. Seed saving is an ancient tradition and fundamental right for all people that must not be infringed. Source your seeds from small, bioregional companies (like those listed above) or community seed libraries and exchanges. Stay away from seeds labeled “F1” or “hybrid” and those with trademarked variety names. Instead, look for terms like “open-pollinated,” “heirloom,” and “landrace” which are not likely to be patented. When in doubt, contact the seed seller and ask about a variety’s patent status.

2. Demand full patent disclosure from seed companies. Plant utility patenting is becoming increasingly prevalent, yet few seed companies openly declare the patent status of the varieties they sell. This must change. Make your voice heard: Contact seed sellers and insist that utility patented varieties are clearly labeled in catalogs and on packets.

3. Support open-source seed initiatives. The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is not alone in this fight. We proudly stand alongside other organizations who oppose seed patenting and are working to offer alternatives to the industrial-proprietary seed complex. The Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) is an essential resource that has compiled 300+ non-patented, “freed” seed varieties, as well as a wealth of knowledge on the open-source seed movement. Dr. Vandana Shiva’s Navdanyanetwork and Seed Freedom initiative are also vital forces in the fight against seed patenting.

4. Grow, save, and share your own seeds. The best way to oppose a system is often by creating something better to replace it. Save your seeds each season and share them with friends and neighbors. If you don’t know how to save seed—learn! RMSA has many educational resources and programs to guide you on your seed saving journey. Our Grown with Local Seeds campaign is another powerful way to support this effort by raising public awareness about the link between local seeds and local food. Together, we can build vibrant, resilient food systems with heirloom varieties that make industrial agriculture and patented seeds a thing of the past." -Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

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