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a collective awareness

Aaron at Kilauea Community Farm

Let us put dissolve the argument that vegetarians and vegans are the most ethical eaters.

The commercial food system has taken hostage both the tomato and the chicken.

From awareness we see that the argument of isms is another method of divide to conquer.

We must surrender our isolations to see the big picture.

How is a hybrid tomato similar to a chicken in a cage?

The hybrid tomato makes no seed. The caged chicken is robbed of her eggs.

The ability to create life has been neutered from both hybrid tomato and the chicken in the cage.

Hybrid tomato caged next to another hybrid tomato next to another hybrid tomato, imprisoned as is

Chicken in a cage next to another chicken in a cage.

The commercial food system is broken and perverse.

It is the responsibility of every two legged to create a new way.

Eating is the most sensual dance, we embody that which we ingest.

Let us be mindful in our interactions and take care not to create a trophic bias.

Plants are sensual beings, too.

Rooting to become ever more uncivilized.

Intelligence is omnipresent, in every leaf and every animal.

What to do about it?

Awareness. “I don’t want to know becomes I am excited to be truly informed!”

Start with permaculture, biodynamics, natural farming, yield to wild foods.

Move away from genetically modified foods. In the USA 90% of soy, corn, sugar beets are GMO.

Support heirloom varieties and open-source pollinated foods. Save Seeds, Share Seeds.

Learn to grow your own.

Eat local and seasonal.

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