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I get this really good feeling whenever I get to refuse single-use plastic.

Aaron & I bring the magic picnic bag or elements of it along on all adventures: road trips, potlucks, and trips to the grocery store.

My favorite part about the picnic bag is that most of the pieces within the bag were received as gifts. So, it is a collective effort that we live more lightly and create less matter out of place.


Clockwise from top left into center:

-2 double walled insulated mugs

-1 insulated cooler

-1 64 ounce stainless steel growler

- 2 wooden bowls

-1 glass storage container labeled with tare weight for bulk grocery or takeout

-1 wooden spoon

-1 ceramic knife with cover

- 2 titanium sporks

-3 small spice containers

-3 nesting storage containers with strainer/cutting board

-1 reusable canvas shopping bag

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