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how much is 5G worth?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Aaron Sternberg and I have arrived at St Michael’s Sustainable Community, Costa Rica to further our learning about methods for living a balanced life on a healthy planet Earth.

We are preparing a Solstice Celebration at an Eco Village on the Nicoya Peninsula for June 17-24th, for those looking for a week of learning about natural life ways and ecocentric rejuvenation.

Here at St. Michael's we are staying in the Birds' Nest casita, aptly named so, as this morning we saw a toucan fly by our window.

One of my favorite amenities of the birds' nest is the Absence of Wifi.

I get to walk 5-10 minutes to reach wifi.

However, after studying the negative effects of microwave radiation frequencies and EMF’s and the revealings of teachers like Shonagh Home, Dr. Jack Kruse, and Dr. Joseph Mercola, I see being off the Net as a benefit.

The past couple of nights I have noticed these positive changes: ringing in my ears has gone away, I sleep more soundly and dream more vividly, pain in my neck and hands has lessened... And any time I want to connect to the webs, I practice some movement and earthing during a walk over to the wifi.

People, this issue of 5G and electromagnetic frequency radiation is a serious one not to be ignored.

Dangers of 5G, wifi, cell phone radiation exposure are likened to putting yourself into a microwave oven and creates the following effects: -Increased cell growth of brain cancer cells -A doubling of the rate of lymphoma in mice -An increased # of tumors & changes in tumor growth rate in rats -Changes in sleep patterns and REM type sleep -Increased single- and double-strand breaks in DNA, our genetic material. oh but wait, there's More... See:

What To Do: Research. Put your cell phone on airplane mode when you're not using it. Always use headphones to make calls. Turn Off wifi in your home when you're not using it, Especially when you're sleeping Or switch to Ethernet. Beware of Alexa/Google Home/Amazon Echo, we do not recommend using these in the home or office. Ask your utility company to remove the smart meter from your home. Take herbs and foods that support healing from radiation exposure. Drink Spring Water. Get outside barefoot. Yoga and Meditation.

Listen to Episode 17:

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