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Food the People is a non-profit tax-exempt charity engaging in environmental, social, and political activism through the advocacy of local, low-carbon food systems, food sovereignty and waste reduction.

Our goal is to offer an education system to inspire the reality that all people deserve the opportunity to access safe and healthy food without having to rely on the industrial and commercial conventional food systems, which contributes heavily to environmental degradation and increasing the population of unhealthy humans.

We will strive to provide the tools and support people need to work their way into food sovereignty and will seek to connect local people and communities to local food movements.


We believe that excellent education and engaging in fun social events in every local community is the most important ingredient to ensuring that all people have access to the idea of food sovereignty.


We also believe that the current ecological crisis is so pressing that we need to inspire a new generation of leaders in many locations who are willing to take on the challenge, and that direct engagement with the problem is the best way for people to become committed to solving it.

Food the people in it's inception is an educational forum with the intention to evolve into a place of sanctuary.  We wish to create a teaching kitchen and ecology center Autumn of 2022.

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