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Tuesday November 29, 2016


We are grateful that Lady Cannabis has been granted legitimacy in the State of California. This Salon is to celebrate freedom and the safe access to the natural gifts of the plant kingdom.

5:30pm - Salon doors open
6:00pm - 7:00pm FREE Discussion
7:30pm- 9:30pm 3 Course Local Organic Wild Dinner
**optional cannabis-infused dessert & goodie bag.
*we want everyone to feel cared for and comfortable so main courses are prepared without cannabis.
Dinner is $30 per person & $50 per couple.
Please RSVP BY SATURDAY 11/26; this dinner experience is limited to 10 people.

Much like with any relationship, one's relationship with this plant can be healthy and respectful or destructive and even manipulative. So how do we cultivate a healthy relationship with this babe of a plant?

Sarah for this year passed has refrained from cannabis use and has developed her relationship with the plant in a new way. As a novice gardener she feels that one of the most important things we can do for the plant right now is to offer her a place to grow under the sun and sky. The vast majority of buds grown in industry are incredibly processed. Most industry flowers spend a lifetime under artificial lights and are treated with chemicals. One way to make an impact in the big industry of cultivated cannabis is to grow your own. Sarah will be offering an introduction to backyard cannabis gardening.

Aaron, alternatively, will discuss the benefits of natural medicine and his reConnection to circadian rhythm. Aaron has not used any pharmaceutical to deal with discomfort or pain in more than 5 years. He will highlight how this powerful plant ally can help one harmonize sleep, diet and the emotional body.

**A sober driver is required for anyone imbibing or inhaling.
Thank you for being a responsible and curious traveller. **

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