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Personal + Private Chef Services

Aaron Sternberg and Sarah Montaño met serendipitously in San Diego, CA.

Sternberg translates to 'star of the mountain' and Montaño means 'from the mountains'.
Life partners on a quest to live a life of intention: teaching and learning about the love of the land & food sovereignty.
Star of the Mountain is passionate about curating unique experiences to support the quest for Divine Purpose & Partnership.


Environmental Attorney and Regenerative Farmer

Thank you for being here! My hope is that this website will serve as a source of information to support other food activists and people seeking personal and environmental health and wellness.


My name is Aaron. I am excited to learn, explore, and share about Wellness; Natural Healing; Love & Knowledge. In my youth, I could be found immersed in the oceans and deserts of Southern California - craving a connection to nature and its ancient Wisdom. In more recent years, I have enjoyed employment as an environmental attorney - a vocal advocate for clean water, food, and air.

Currently, I am focused on co-creating a cooperative, triple bottom business where the care of the earth and care of the people is prioritized with an ethic of fair trade and the respect of limits. I am doing this by studying regenerative farming practices and providing resources and services for eco-conscientious humans who want to know how they can make a difference.

Together Sarah and I grow, forage, and cook healthy food for people who value personal and environmental wellness.



Holistic Chef and Regenerative Farmer

Hi and thanks for visiting our page! I am excited to share resources about food sovereignty and ancestral cooking that support a locally sourced, conscientiously omnivorous diet.


As a student of natural farming and wild food foraging, I enjoy sharing new foods with friends. I believe that we need to decolonize our food system by growing more food at home, supporting small farmers & independent purveyors of fine food, and by hunting & foraging for some of our own food.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to prepare the great majority of meals at home and for our guests. I have worked as a chef and organic farmer at farms and retreat centers in Costa Rica and Hawai'i, specializing in farm-to-table and zero-waste cooking with the inclusion of wild & feral foods whenever possible.

In the kitchen is where Aaron and I first began to notice the warm fuzzy feelings of our shared love and friendship. Our theory is that when people are engaged through eco-positive and earth-intensive relationships with food, family, and friends, they also access improved health and wealth, with less dependency on industrial systems of manufactured food and medicine. This education guides one toward living in harmony as an integral part of nature and purposeful life of independence.


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